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Force super screen printing machine printing terminology

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Screen printing machine printing terminology

A screen printer is a machine that prints on screen plates and is a type of printing machine. A screen printer is a machine for printing characters and images and is a general term for machines or equipment for producing printed matter. Screen printing machine is mainly used to print patterns onto the printed matter. Screen printing technology can be said to belong to universal printing. It can be said that various products can be printed by screen printing machine. The technical terminology of screen printing is still compared. More, Lichao screen printing here to share with you the screen printing machine printing terminology.

1 Perforated area percentage

The ratio of the area of all meshes of the screen to the total area of the corresponding screen, expressed as a percentage.

2 template opening area

The sum of the areas of all image areas on the screen printing stencil.

3 outside the frame size

In the horizontal position of the frame, the product of the length and width including all the components on the frame is measured.

4 printing

The process of transferring colored or colorless media (such as ink) onto a substrate using a letterpress, lithographic, gravure, screen or other image carrier.

5 plates

A printed graphic carrier that replicates an image onto a substrate by ink transfer.

6 print head

A component on the press that provides the necessary pressure to transfer ink through the plate.

7 printing ink

Substance applied to the substrate during printing.

8 printing surface

The bottom surface of the screen plate, that is, the side of the ink that is in contact with the substrate.

9 rotary screen printing

Screen printing process using a cylinder plate. The plate rotates synchronously with the substrate to print a continuous pattern. The inside of the cylinder plate is supplied with ink, and the doctor blade is mounted on the inside of the cylinder plate.

10 screen angle

For elliptical dots, the angle between the main axis of the screen and the coordinate direction; for circular and square dots, the angle between the main axis of the screen and the coordinate direction is the smallest.

11 wire mesh

A carrier for a screen printing stencil having aligned openings of the same size.

12 screen printing

The printing area is used to print the screen-shaped aperture plate.

13 screen printing plate

The printing area is a stencil of a mesh-like opening.

14 printing frame

A frame device that secures and supports the screen printing stencil carrier.

15 screen printing template

A sealing layer that renders the non-printing area impermeable to the ink on the carrier of the screen printing stencil.

16 screen printing template carrier

The screen plate carries the screen portion of the printing stencil.

17 relative mesh volume

The total volume of the mesh divided by the total area of the mesh.

18 off the net

During the printing process, the screen printing plate is detached from the ink attached to the substrate.

19 squeegee

In screen printing, a device that forces the screen plate to abut against the substrate and transfer the ink through the opening of the screen plate to the substrate while scraping off excess ink on the plate.

20 scraping angle

The angle between the tangential direction of the doctor blade and the tangent of the substrate level or the point of contact with the platen roller is measured in a state of non-stressed or non-moving after the doctor blade is positioned.

21 scraper

The knife-shaped portion of the doctor blade directly acts on the printing ink on the printing plate to cause the ink to adhere to the substrate.

22 ink scraping area

The area where the squeegee smears the ink on the plate.

23 squeegee relative pressure

The linear pressure applied by the squeegee to the plate over a certain stroke divided by the length of the stroke.

24 plate scraping surface

The printing ink enters one side of the through-hole of the screen plate.

25 template carrier area

The product of the length and width of the screen that can be made into a stencil.

26 template area

The product of the length and width of the rectangle formed by the squeegee of the image element covering the screen printing stencil in the direction of travel of the squeegee.

27 film thickness

The thickness of the film-shaped stencil material is formed.

28 theoretical ink volume

The product of the thickness of the screen and the percentage of open area.

29 screen thickness

The distance between the upper and lower sides of the screen stencil carrier.

30 stencil layer thickness

The thickness of the stencil layer attached to the stencil carrier, i.e., the difference between the thickness of the screen plate and the thickness of the stencil carrier.

31 screen plate thickness

The distance between the upper and lower sides of the screen plate.

32 missing

The printing area of the printing plate is ink-transmissive rather than the printing mode in which the printing area is impermeable to ink.

33 missing version

The printing area is ink-transmissive, and the non-printing area is impermeable to the printing plate.

34 overprinting

The through holes of the screen plate are filled with ink prior to the printing operation.

35 mesh type

The representation of the screen plate by the number of meshes and the diameter of the wire.

36 relative volume of the template

The volume of the through hole that accommodates the printing ink on the stencil.

37 Ink area width

The distance between the ink wiping area and the screen printing frame.

38 mesh width

The distance between two adjacent warp and weft measured at the horizontal position of the screen.

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