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Introduce several special inks that are not commonly used in screen printing

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Introduce several special inks that are not commonly used in automatic screen printing process

Expansion ink

T-shirts, undershirts and hats printed with expanded inks will produce a special printing effect that is very popular nowadays. During the printing process, when the expansion ink dries, a three-dimensional effect is added to your design. If the expansion ink is properly used, it can be used as a low-cost alternative to produce an ornament. Effect. Not using expanded ink on all printed images and fonts can produce good results. Expanded inks should be avoided when thick lines are dense or where the area features are very close. When thin lines or thin lines appear in the design to form a font, the use of expanded ink will achieve the best results. The inflated ink has various colors, and the color is bright, the concave and convex feeling is strong, and the fastness is excellent.

Low light ink

The shimmer color combines the best features of reflective trim and metal to form a new color. This color has a gloss similar to metal but with a higher degree of flicker. The low-light ink is white-free and has high hiding power, elasticity and cleanability.

Flash ink

The glitter ink has a large piece of polyester film inside, so that the printed product has a sparkling and strong reflection effect. Flash ink is a kind of scintillator added to the paint. Generally, when the scintillator is thicker, the flashing effect is better, but it is difficult to pass through the screen. This is a contradiction. For this reason, the scintillator which is thinner and has better flashing effect is manufactured. The key to high-quality flash inks, of course, is higher production costs. Unlike the low-light ink, the printed product after the flash ink is still bright and does not become dim after cleaning. Flash inks come in many different colors. Because the flash polyester film is large, the flash ink can only be used in designs that do not require high detail.

Pearl ink

Pearl ink has a transparent pearlescent surface. Pearl inks can also be called coral inks. Because they are printed thick, the bubbles gather together to form a coral-like pattern; they are printed thin, forming small pearls, and have a different flavor. Through the ink layer, you can see the color covered by the pearl ink, and after printing the pearl ink, the original color is more shiny. Pearl inks can make a normal print very vivid.

Fluorescent ink

The use of fluorescent inks can increase your attention to the printed results. Fluorescent colors can be used very well in warm-toned color designs, or in any design that wants to draw the attention of others.

Black light ink

The black light ink makes the printed matter observed under dark conditions bright. This effect is only visible in dark light, and this type of printing can be applied to any situation in dark light. Black light inks are used on white or colored shirts, but colored shirts need to be set to white as the base color, which is the only way to show this effect.

Photochromic ink

The effect of the photoreactive color ink when it is observed indoors without light is almost invisible and transparent. Photoreactive inks can achieve different effects of yellow, blue, magenta, and purple when exposed to bright outdoor and intense color sunlight.

Reflective ink

The reflective ink contains tens of thousands of light-reflecting microspheres. When illuminated by a focused light, such as a car headlight or flashlight, the light-reflecting microspheres reflect a brightly flashing image in a direction against the light source. Reflective inks produce a mirror-like finish with excellent shading properties, even on black objects. The color and gloss are not changed, and the same effect as the silver plating film can be achieved. Therefore, the reflective ink can be well applied to the printing of safety clothing at night. Reflective inks have 8 color effects.

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