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Screen printing machine troubleshooting

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Screen printing machine troubleshooting

At present, most of the screen printing machine equipment manufacturers have a warranty period. During this period, all the problems of the screen printing machine are solved directly by the manufacturer. After purchasing the machine, in addition to a complete machine, it will be delivered. Some accessories with a high failure rate will charge a fee if the parts with the warranty period are replaced.

Here I will briefly introduce the machine troubleshooting process and some methods. In general, the screen printing machine has a fault. First, consult the future personnel of the screen printing machine manufacturer. If you do not understand the service process of a company or forget the service call of the after-sales personnel, then directly contact your relevant business personnel. Like our company, if the client machine fails, the most effective and quickest solution is to contact the company's after-sales service line. She will know some information about your company's purchase of the machine and machine fault information, and assign this information to the relevant technical staff.


Generally, after purchasing the machine, there will be a special technician to train the relevant operators of the customer company. In addition to operating the machine, some machine troubleshooting methods and solutions will be described. Of course, this is a process for the skilled person. For a newbie, what if the machine fails? Directly screen printing machine manufacturers call the relevant after-sales personnel, let the company's technical staff come to the door or telephone to help solve. Don't think that these faults are difficult to rule out or think that it is very troublesome. It is actually very simple. Because there are many similarities in the parts of the screen printing equipment that are faulty, that is, the parts that are faulty, that is, only a few, only need to determine those parts, and then replace some parts.


Here to share with you some methods, that is, after the machine fails, if you can not eliminate it, you can call the manufacturer directly, directly call the company after-sales service. Because for a professional screen printing machine manufacturer, the overall structure of their company is very fine, what those departments do, what they are responsible for, what to manage, so it is better to contact the after-sales department directly. If you contact the business staff directly, they will eventually call the after-sales department to describe the customer's description to them, and there is a clear process.

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