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What kind of screen printing machine is good?

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What kind of screen printing machine to buy, what brand of screen printing machine is best used?

First, choose the quality of the screen printing machine, look at the machining precision of the parts of the machine, and the workmanship is generally better.

Second, depending on the materials used in the machine, we must understand good materials to make good equipment.

Third, then you need to consider the after-sales service of the manufacturer, you must understand the status of the supporting services of the manufacturer, sometimes you have to print your own satisfactory works, you need coordination and cooperation in all aspects, what problems do the machines have? You repair the machine and don't delay your production.

Fourth, you need to choose a reasonable price. When you choose to buy a screen printing machine, you must first consider the accuracy of your product's requirements for silk screen printing. You can choose the right price machine based on your own situation and meet the silk screen printing. Sometimes it is cheap. A little screen printing machine will also achieve the desired printing effect.

Fifth, the last thing to remind the purchaser, many buyers choose some smaller dealers or retailers when buying silk screen machine equipment. The preferred manufacturer of the equipment is purchased, and the second choice of technical support is relatively complete. The direct sales point of the factory is purchased. Try not to choose some smaller dealers or retailers to buy because they do not have good technical support and after-sales protection.

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