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Technical development and generalization of automatic screen printing machine

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The automatic screen printing machine is named according to the degree of automation of the screen printing machine. After several generations of industry personnel's wisdom and experience research, it is a development trend of screen printing machine after manual screen printing machine (handprinting table) and semi-automatic screen printing machine. Using more advanced technology and technology, the silk screen printing process is more precise and faster. More automated.

Screen printing in China is still in terms of equipment and technology. The development of science has already given the past screen printing machine to OUT, no need for manual, fully automatic electric silk screen printing has surfaced. Since the use of electric screen printing machines is very extensive, there are many types of processes corresponding to this.

Screen printing of automatic screen printing machine has the advantages of large batch size, low price, bright color, long storage period and fast delivery. It is recognized by more and more industries and is widely used. In the circuit board of household appliances, patterns on textiles, T-shirts, civilized shirts, patterns on shoes, refrigerators, televisions, text on washing machine panels, decoration on ceramics, glass, wall tiles; various commercial advertisements Advertising platform for electrical appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, activities; in the packaging and decoration industry, high-end packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packets, wine bags, especially super large outer packaging and product shape decoration - silk screen printing machine The use of net printing is unusually wide, and it is closely connected with our life. Its technology is secondarily controlled by many printing houses, and the small-scale characteristic screen printing technology is rarely spread in China, and the market is extremely wide!

In the printing technology of electric screen printing machine, the principle of plate making process is not too complicated, but its variable factors are numerous. It is difficult to obtain a high-quality printing plate that meets the requirements without the quantitative control of the index parameters of each process. If the quality of the printing plate is not high, it is impossible to print a high-quality printed product that meets the requirements. Therefore, in order to make a high-quality printing plate that meets the requirements, it is necessary to correctly master the plate-making technology according to the requirements of the plate-making process, and scientifically select the plate-making material for plate making.

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