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What is the IMT process? The difference between IMT and IML, IMR, IMF

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What is the IMT process? What is the difference between IMT and IML, IMR, IMF?

First, what is IMT?

IMT is the abbreviation of English Insert Mold Three-dimensional. It combines various decorative techniques, adopts the advantages of IML in FILM production, absorbs the advantages of IMR injection molding into in-mold transfer, and combines digital printing photo effect with traditional screen printing process. The IMT process has strong applicability and wide application, which makes up for the limitations of the traditional appearance decoration process and meets the high-level innovation of product appearance decoration. The emergence of IMT will replace the current industry's spraying, UV glazing, electroplating, vacuum plating, silk screen, pad printing and other processes, will drive the industry's appearance industry leapfrog innovation, to achieve three-dimensional, photo, gradient, R angle, etc. The appearance of the product decoration, while providing a better innovation and implementation platform for the design industry!


Second, IMT application field

4) Computer industry: face shells including keyboards, mice, etc.;

3) Automotive industry: including instrument panels, air conditioning panels, interior parts, lamp housings, signs, etc.;

1) Home appliance industry: including decorative panels for rice cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.;

5) Communication industry: including mobile phone buttons, mobile phone lenses, mobile phone color shells, PHS and fixed telephone panels, window lenses;

2) Electronics industry: including MP3/MP4, calculator, VCD/DVD, electronic notebook, digital camera and other decorative shells, color shells and signs;

6) Other industries: including medical equipment, cosmetic boxes, decorative boxes, toys, sports and entertainment products, other packaging shells, etc.;


Third, the advantages of IMT products

The IMT process is unique, combining the advantages of traditional process coating with IMT, IMR, and IMF processes to meet the needs of the product market and enhance the appearance of the product.

Photo pattern decoration reaches the digital level of the phase, leading the market

The color is rich and the gradient effect is good, which fully reflects the gloss of the oil film.

Due to the high wear-resistant UV protection, the wear and tear of characters and LOGO are eliminated, and the service life is leading the current market products.

Reliability can meet market demand (beyond painting and screen printing processes)

Decorative layer thickness is 30μm

Product stability: the correct color registration that makes the product consistent and standardized

3D stereo effect is good, you can give full play to the art of design

The exterior decoration of the corners is unique in the IMT process.

Diversified style: can create metal plating or special patterns of natural materials according to customer needs

IMT products are widely used in electronics, automotive, communications, home appliances and other products.

Thoroughly improved the drawbacks of IML, eliminated the layered cracking of the product during consumer use, and provided reliable and durable product performance.

The decorative layer is reduced from 115μm to 25μm of IML to improve the mechanical structure of the product, reflecting the ultra-thin structure of the product.

Photorealistic decoration promotes the fashion and appearance of the product and enhances the brand's influence.

The IMT pattern and LOGO are protected by an in-line process and high wear-resistant UV varnish to improve the durability of the product.

3D complex shape design: application of FILM's stretchability, can smoothly achieve the required product complexity, appearance development design requirements

IMT will achieve the simultaneous formation and decoration, which can effectively reduce the cost and working hours, replace the traditional process of spraying and silk screen, promote the production more stable, improve the production efficiency of UV high gloss decoration, three-dimensional changes, can increase the designer's freedom of product design!

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