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Explain what constitutes a hydroforming machine

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Explain what constitutes a hydroforming machine

The drive system of the hydroforming machine mainly has two types: pump direct drive and pump-accumulator drive. Pump Direct Drive The pump of this drive drive system supplies high pressure working fluid to the hydraulic cylinder. The flow valve is used to change the direction of the supply. The relief valve is used to regulate the defined pressure of the system and to provide a safe overflow. The drive system has few links and simple structure, and the pressure can be automatically increased or decreased according to the required working force, thereby reducing the power consumption, but the maximum working force and the maximum working speed of the hydraulic forming machine are required to determine the capacity of the pump and its driving motor. . This type of drive system is mostly used in small and medium-sized hydraulic forming machines, as well as large (such as 120,000 kN) free forging hydraulic presses that are directly driven by pumps.


Pump-accumulator drive There is one or a group of accumulators in this drive system. When the high-pressure working fluid supplied by the pump has a margin, it is stored by the accumulator; when the supply amount is insufficient, the accumulator supplements the supply. With this system, the capacity of the pump and the motor can be selected according to the average amount of the high-pressure working fluid, but since the pressure of the working fluid is constant, the electric energy consumption is large, and the system has many links and the structure is complicated. This drive system is mostly used in large hydroforming machines or to drive several hydroforming machines with a single drive system.


According to the direction of the force, the hydroforming machine has two types, vertical and horizontal. Most hydraulic forming machines are vertical, and hydraulic forming machines for extrusion are mostly horizontal. According to the structure type, the hydroforming machine has two columns, four columns, eight columns, welded frame and multi-layer steel strip winding frame, and the medium and small vertical hydraulic forming machine also has C-frame type. The C-frame hydroforming machine is open on three sides and is easy to operate, but has poor rigidity. The welded frame type hydroforming machine for stamping has good rigidity and is open at the front and rear, but is closed to the left and right. In the vertical four-column free forging hydraulic forming machine of the upper transmission, the cylinder is fixed in the upper beam, the plunger is rigidly connected with the movable beam, and the movable beam is guided by the column, and moves up and down under the pressure of the working fluid. There is a workbench on the beam that can move back and forth. An anvil and an anvil are respectively installed under the movable beam and on the work surface. The working force is supported by a frame composed of upper and lower beams and columns. Large and medium-sized free forging presses driven by pump-accumulators often use three working cylinders to achieve three-stage working force. A balance cylinder and a return cylinder that exert an upward force are also provided outside the cylinder.

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