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Common problems with hydraulic forming machines and how to carry out maintenance

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Common problems with hydraulic forming machines and how to carry out maintenance

Common failures and maintenance methods for hydroforming machines: Often in hydraulic transmission systems, they are some of the more sophisticated parts. Although the hydraulic drive of the machine feels labor-saving and convenient, it also feels easy to damage. The reason is mainly because the working principle and structural characteristics are not well understood, so that the method of preventive maintenance is not well understood. The hydraulic system has three basic "pathogenic" factors: pollution, overheating and air ingress. These three unfavorable factors have a close internal relationship, and any one of them will cause another problem or problems.

It has been proved by practice that the reasons for the 75% "pathogenicity" of the hydroforming machine system are caused by these three. 1. Working oil deteriorates due to entering dirt 2. Overheating 3. Entering air Solution: Cleaning and assembly of some major precision parts in the system should be carried out in a very clean room. The room should have clean floor and airtight. The temperature of the doors and windows is preferably kept at around 20 °C.

Other common maintenance:

1.L-HL32/GB1118—89 hydraulic oil, when the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, the N32/GB3141 can be used when the N32/GB3141 is higher than 30 degrees.

Working oil is recommended to use anti-wear hydraulic oil No. 32 and No. 46, and the oil temperature is in the range of 15 to 60 degrees Celsius.

2. The oil industry is strictly filtered before being allowed to join the fuel tank.

3. The working fluid is replaced every year, and the first replacement time should not exceed three months;

4. The slider should always be lubricated. The appearance of the column should be kept clean. The oil should be injected before each work.

5. Under the nominal pressure of 500T, the maximum allowable eccentricity of the load is 40mm. Excessive eccentricity can cause strain on the column or other undesirable phenomena.

6. Check the pressure gauge once every six months;

7. The machine should be deactivated for a long time. The surface of each additive should be wiped clean and coated with anti-rust oil.

First, how to choose hydraulic oil for hydraulic forming machine?

Determine certain characteristics of the oil used, such as viscosity, density, vapor pressure, air dissolution rate, bulk modulus, flammability, temperature boundary, pressure boundary, lubricity, compatibility, and select or equip according to certain requirements. After the hydraulic oil, the doubt that the working medium of the hydraulic system cannot be considered has been dealt with in full. In fact, if the application is improper, the properties of the oil will change. For example, it is generally assumed that the viscosity of the oil at a certain temperature and pressure is a certain value, and the activity is not controlled. In fact, after the oil is excessively sheared, the viscosity is significantly reduced.

Second, in order to ensure the stability of the hydraulic molding machine, under the condition of using hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil, oxidation and thermal stability for long-term use are the factors that determine the temperature boundary. Therefore, the hydraulic oil should be stored, transferred and filled for a long time below the temperature at which it starts to oxidize. Avoid oil contamination, check the oil regularly, and establish a regular oil change rule. The oil storage in the fuel tank should be sufficient to facilitate the heat dissipation of the hydraulic system and adhere to the sealing of the system. Once there is a leak, it will be removed immediately. .

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