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The following provisions for hydraulic forming machine crimping should be observed

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The following provisions for hydraulic forming machine crimping should be observed

Hydraulic forming machine crimping should comply with the following regulations


1) Check the contact port between the hydraulic caliper body and the top cover before use. If the hydraulic caliper body has cracks, it is strictly forbidden to use.

2) After the hydraulic forming machine starts, it will run at no load first, check the operation of each part, and it can be used after normal; when the piston of the crimping pliers is up and down, the human body must not be located above the crimping pliers.

3) When placing the top cover, the top cover must be completely matched with the caliper body. It is strictly forbidden to crimp under the condition that it is not rotated.

4) The hydraulic pump operator should work closely with the crimping pliers operator and pay attention to the pressure indication and must not overload.

5) The safety relief valve of the hydraulic pump shall not be adjusted arbitrarily and shall not be unloaded with the relief valve.


The hydraulic system is the supporting part of the main engine. When designing the hydraulic system, the requirements of the hydraulic system should be clarified firstly, including:


1. Host action requirements

Refers to the main action of the host requires hydraulic drive to achieve, whether there is any connection between these actions and whether to complete a certain automatic cycle. The host may impose many requirements on the hydraulic system, and the designer should analyze these requirements based on the host's use, work process, and overall layout.


2. Host performance requirements

Refers to the force and motion requirements of the actuators that are hydraulically driven in the main engine. The actuators have clear data on the magnitude of the force and speed required for each stage of the work, the range of speed adjustments, the smoothness of the speed, and the time to complete a cycle. Modern machinery requires high precision, high productivity and a high degree of automation, which not only requires its hydraulic system to have good static indicators, but also requires dynamic indicators.


3. Working environment of hydraulic system

Problems such as temperature and humidity in the working environment, pollution and vibration shocks, and the presence of corrosive and flammable substances must be clearly stated, which involve hydraulic components and media.


4. Other requirements

Such as the limitations of the hydraulic device in terms of quality, external dimensions, and economic and energy requirements.

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