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Common hydraulic molding machine troubleshooting

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Hydraulic forming machine common troubleshooting methods

Common faults and protection methods for hydraulic press hydraulic presses: often in the hydraulic transmission system, there are some relatively fine parts. Although the hydraulic drive of the machine feels labor-saving and convenient, it feels easy to damage together. The reason is that the first thing is not to understand its operating principle and structural characteristics, and then do not know how to prevent it. The hydraulic system has three fundamental "pathogenic" elements: pollution, overheating and air. These three unfavorable elements have close intrinsic links, and any doubts in between will lead to one or more other questions. It is proved by practice that the hydraulic system is 75% "pathogenic"




The electrical wiring is not secure or connected incorrectly. Remedy: Check the line fuel tank according to the electrical diagram. Insufficient oil filling method: Refueling to the oil standard


Slider crawling


1In the system to accumulate air or pump suction port into the exclusion method: check the suction pipe, then run up and down multiple times and pressurize


2 improper adjustment of accuracy or lack of oil in the column: re-adjust the accuracy, fuel the surface of the column


Downward pressure


1 support pressure is too large


Remedy: Adjust the pilot valve, use the belt pressure not more than 1Mpa, the slider slides down and the cylinder mouth (or piston) seal leaks. Check the seal ring. If there is damage, replace the pilot valve. The pre-regulation pressure is too small. Method: Adjusting the pressure value of the cartridge valve is not well sealed. Check the valve port and re-grind the pressure gauge. The pointer swings the pressure gauge.

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