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The composition and function of a standard hydraulic forming machine

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The composition and function of a standard hydraulic forming machine

A complete hydroforming machine system consists of five parts, namely the power element, the actuator, the control element, the parts and the hydraulic fluid.

The function of the power element is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, referring to the oil pump in the hydroforming machine system, which supplies power to the entire hydraulic forming machine system. The construction method of the hydraulic pump generally has a gear pump, a vane pump and a plunger pump, and their functions are compared as shown in 1-1. The components (such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) function to convert the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy, driving the load to make a linear reciprocating motion or a rotary motion.

Control elements (ie, various hydraulic valves) control and condition the pressure, flow, and direction of the liquid in the hydroforming machine system. According to different control functions, hydraulic valves can be divided into village force control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves. The pressure control valve is further divided into a flow valve (safety valve), a pressure reducing valve, a secondary valve, a pressure relay, etc.; the flow control valve includes a throttle valve, a regulating valve, a split flow collecting valve, etc.; the directional control valve includes a one-way valve, Hydraulic control check valve, shuttle valve, reversing valve, etc. According to different control methods, hydraulic valves can be divided into switch control valves, fixed value control valves and proportional control valves.

The auxiliary components include fuel tank, oil filter, oil pipe and pipe joint, sealing ring, pressure gauge, oil level oil temperature gauge and the like.

Hydraulic oil is the working medium for transferring energy in the hydroforming machine system. There are various types of mineral oil, emulsion and synthetic hydraulic oil.

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