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What are the characteristics and advantages of hydroforming machine equipment?

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What are the characteristics and advantages of hydroforming machine equipment?

The hydraulic forming machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system. It adopts centralized control of buttons, which can realize three working modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic: working pressure and pressing speed of the machine, stroke and range of no-load fast-down and deceleration. It can be adjusted according to the needs of the process, and can complete the ejector process. It can be equipped with three processes: ejector process and stretch process. Each process is for constant pressure and fixed process. The constant pressure molding process is available. After pressing, it has an ejection delay and an automatic return stroke.


Independent power organization and electrical system, and the use of button centralized control, can complete the adjustment and semi-automatic operation methods. Its mobile workbench is driven by a variable frequency controller, and its electrical selection uses the world's leading PLC programmable controller. After the depiction of the YH25-315D “T” shape moving table, it is beneficial to improve the automation degree of the hydraulic press, improve the production power and reduce the labor intensity of the operators.


The liquid is used as the medium to transfer energy. The advanced sub-cylinder hydraulic circuit is adopted. The oil temperature is low, the idle stroke speed is above 10MM/sec, and the working speed is below 20 MM/sec. The equipment is in standby mode and the noise is smooth when moving up and down. Not more than 75 decibels,


The four-column and three-plate structure is adopted, and the vertical precision of the movable plate is controlled by four precision guide sleeves, and the parallel precision between the lower working surface and the upper working surface is less than 0.08 mm.


1. Reduce quality and save materials. For typical parts such as automobile engine brackets and radiator brackets, hydroformed parts are 20% to 40% less than stamped parts, and 40% to 50% of weight can be reduced for hollow stepped shaft parts.


2. Reduce the number of parts and molds and reduce mold costs. Hydroformed parts usually require only one set of molds, while stampings mostly require multiple sets of molds. The number of hydroformed engine bracket parts has been reduced from 6 to 1, and the number of radiator bracket parts has been reduced from 17 to 10.


3. It can reduce the amount of welding for subsequent machining and assembly. Taking the radiator bracket as an example, the heat dissipation area is increased by 43%, the number of solder joints is reduced from 174 to 20. The number of steps is reduced from 13 to 6 and the productivity is increased by 66%.


4. Improve strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydroformed radiator brackets, which can increase stiffness by 39% in the vertical direction and 50% in the horizontal direction.


5. Reduce production costs. According to the statistical analysis of the applied hydroformed parts, the production cost of the hydroformed parts is reduced by 15% to 20% on average, and the mold cost is reduced by 20% to 30%.

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